(in cooperation with the TU Dresden, the Ingenieurbüro für Wasser und Boden GmbH Possendorf and Dr. Sowa Engineering Dresden)

  • Zentraler Teil der Rieselfelder Braunschweig mit Teichen und Mäander [Quelle: D. Ochse, Braunschweig]
In the region of the former irrigation fields Braunschweig, a legally approved fourth purification stage of the wastewater treatment plant Steinhof (Braunschweig) has been built. During the construction process, the structure of the historical irrigation fields Braunschweig has been preserved. The daily output of Steinhof´s fourth purification stage ranges between 10.000 and 50.000 m³/d. Post-purification takes place during the passage through surface waters (ponds, meanders), soil and groundwater.

Nowadays, the irrigation fields are multifunctional. The post- purification of the irrigation fields is achieved by the equalisation of water substances, removal and transformation. Especially nitrogen and endogenous germs can be removed to a large extent. However, phosphor removal is limited due to the historical pre-load. Besides post- purification, the retention and purification of heavy precipitation, the irrigation fields serve as water reserve for the Beregnungsverband, an association responsible for irrigation during the summer time. Furthermore, irrigation fields are designed as a wetland, and declared as bird sanctuary.

  • Naturnah gestalteter Zwischenspeicher in den Rieselfeldern
  • Messeinrichtung im Zulaufgraben zu den Rieselfeldern
  • Naturnah gestalteter Zwischendamm zur Wasserbelüftung
  • Zulauf der geklärten Abwässer in die Rieselfelder